«Maria Mishurenko & Gordey Chernyy's game, Philosopharium, possesses a unique aesthetic style, and their use of clues and puzzles to mirror abstract philosophical principles is a great way to get young adults to engage with complex content in a playful way. I can see a great many uses for this game in both formal and informal educational settings, such as after school programs or community-based organizations. It offers a delightful entry point into alternative modes of thought that can encourage more compassionate patterns of social behavior. Integrating social emotional learning into curriculum is sorely needed today in our increasingly disconnected and affectless society. This game is a timely and artfully designed antidote.»

Heidi J. Boisvert, CEO and Creative Director of Futureperfect Lab


« This game combines a great idea of an educational game with engaging gameplay and beautiful art style. This is a fun, well-researched and entertaining project that will be appealing to a very wide audience.»

Elena Fedina, data analyst at Superdata Research

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«Games leverage student interest and motivation to learn if they are well designed. Leveraging the ability to attract students' attention through effective game design can be a way that they could then gain interest in learning philosophy. Although contemporary culture de-emphasizes really considering the meaning of life, teens and young adults often times are deeply interested in such questions. A game is a great way to speak to young people in a medium they are familiar while tapping their curiosity about the nature of reality and their place in it. I like the way that aesthetics, game design and the deep questions of philosophy and religion come together in a way that can be accessible to young people today.»

Dr. Ronan Hallowell, Chair of Social Science and History at New Roads High School in Santa Monica, CA where he has taught world religions, world civilizations, U.S. history and media studies. He also writes on issues concerning transdisciplinary studies as they relate to worldwide social and ecological problems.