We all share two passions...philosophy and games!


Maria Mishurenko

core developer, game designer

Maria Mishurenko used to work as an independent digital producer, visual artist, filmmaker and screenwriter. Less than a year ago she bravely dove in the world of code, game design and game-based education to explore this new medium for storytelling. She prefers to work with nonprofits and education related start-ups. 

Favorite Eastern philosopher: Jiddu Krishnamurti


Gordey Chernyy

visual art, programming

Gordey Chernyy is an independent creative coder / technologist, programmer, animator and visual artist. Gordey loves to create art and program for Philosopharium and treats digital game as a powerful medium to express thought-provoking and meaningful ideas. 

Favorite Eastern philosopher:  Aurobindo Ghosh



Rostislav Soloviev

philosophy consultant

Rostislav has extremely rich background in teaching philosophy. He has been certified as a children and adult philosophy consultant by Oscar Brenifier Institute. Rostislav has been using games for teaching philosophy even when computers were about the size of a huge room. Rostislav produces weekly broadcast shows on philosophy, writes screenplays for educational videos and teaches college students. 


Mila Lvova


Mila Lvova is working as an editor and translator for several educational projects. She has previously worked at event management and marketing companies in Ukraine. She is a big fan of psychology and comprehensive self-development, practices meditation, loves philosophy and tries to implement it in her everyday life.

Favorite Eastern philosopher:  Buddha